The Attic Celebrates 25 Years!

Two youths behind a podium.

On any given day at the Attic Youth Center, you’ll find a bunch of young adults sprawled out on couches and chairs, relaxing after school. Notably, they’re not glued to their phones. That’s partly because house rules say they’re not allowed — but also partly because they’re fully engaged with one another, chatting, making crafts, playing card games and joking about what’s playing in the background on TV.

This portion of the afternoon, AYC Director of Development Alyssa Mutryn told Billy Penn, is called the “drop-in period.” And in 25 years of hosting these drop-in sessions, she said, not much has changed.

Except that compared to 41 members when it started, the organization now caters to at least 1,000 LGBTQ youth in Philadelphia each year.

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(Photo by Flatworld Media)