Mayor Kenney Honor’s Attic Youth, Giana Graves, with 2018 Magis Award

Mayor Kenney Honor's Attic Youth, Giana Graves, with 2018 Magis Award

During the City of Philadelphia’s annual Celebration of Freedom Ceremony Attic Youth, Giana Graves, was presented with Mayor Kenney’s 2018 Magis Award. Mayor Kenney stated, “Today, we celebrate what makes this country great — freedom,” said Mayor Kenney. “But we know that preserving our freedoms often requires action. On Independence Day, it will be my honor to present the third annual Philadelphia Magis Award to a true hero of action, Giana Graves. Giana is an individual who exemplifies courage and conviction in the fight for equality and understanding. Giana embodies the spirit of the Magis Award by tirelessly pursuing the solution to complex issues while acting as an inspiration and role model to others

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