Youth Story: Adrianna

Photo of Adrianna

The Attic saved my life, and allowed me to realize exactly who I am- a proud interracial bisexual woman.

Youth Story: Robert

Photo of Robert

I am extremely grateful for all that The Attic has done for me and for everyone else. I consider The Attic my home, more so than the actual house that I live in. I hope that other LGBTQ youth make the decision, like I did, to come to The Attic and get involved, cause it will change their life for the better.

Alumni Story: Tonia

Photo of Tonia

You are now and always will be innovators, educators, thinkers, and change makers. You are set for living a life of purpose thanks to The Attic Youth Center.

Youth Story: Stuart

Photo of Stuart

I made a bunch of new friends and learned a lot about being true to who I am and not changing yourself for anyone.

Youth Story: Oberon

Photo of Oberon

The Attic has helped me to love and accept myself in totality, and not feel like I have to change.

Youth Story: Giselle

Photo of Giselle

My experience here has taught me that even I, as a high school student, can have a positive impact on the city and the lives of others.

Youth Story: Andre

Photo of Andre

The Attic has become very important to me as a place to connect with other young African American gay men, as well as other LGBT organizations in the community.

Youth Story: Kevin

Photo of Kevin

Go to the Attic; I think you might find something there you’ll like. And it might even be you.

Youth Story: Alannah

Photo of Alannah

I realized that there was a whole community that would support me for who I am, and I finally began to fully accept myself.

Youth Story: Khalil

Photo of Khalil

Thanks to the support I receive everyday at The Attic, I am still in high school and I am on track to graduate.