OK2BU Stories

Youth Story: Alex

Photo of Alex

When I was 14, I had a friend who had heard of The Attic and wanted to go, but had no one to go with. Though I had no idea… Read more “Youth Story: Alex”

December 10, 2017

Alumni Story: Ibrahim

Photo of Ibahim

Seven years ago, I found The Attic Youth Center in a row home nestled snuggly between a restaurant and apartment building in downtown Philadelphia. As a 16-year-old black gay teenager… Read more “Alumni Story: Ibrahim”

December 10, 2017

Youth Story: Micah

Photo of Micah

Finding The Attic Youth Center was like finding a piece of myself that I never knew was there.  The Attic helped me open my mind as a queer feminist leader… Read more “Youth Story: Micah”

December 20, 2016

Youth Story: Pau’laijha

Photo of Pau'laijha

I started coming to The Attic when I was 15. I was lost and depressed, just looking for new friends to share my summer with. As someone who’s shy, coming… Read more “Youth Story: Pau’laijha”

December 26, 2015

Youth Story: Adrianna

Photo of Adrianna

I have never in my life felt safer or more accepted then at The Attic. I’ve never felt more involved, more useful to the cause of making LGBTQ youth voices… Read more “Youth Story: Adrianna”

January 14, 2015

Youth Story: Robert

Photo of Robert

In 11th grade, I made one of the best decisions of my life- I came to The Attic.  I was scared and overwhelmed- dealing with coming out to unsupportive family… Read more “Youth Story: Robert”

January 3, 2015